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Drive for a year for them get them paid back for schooling in the meantime diligently define your skills on your path to becoming a professional truck driver after a year start looking to other companies for better pay. S be patient during school and while on the truck with a mentor.

TRUCKING schools are not designed to teach you to be a truck driver they are more to familiarize you with the industry and safely and legally operating a tractor trailer. Thank you for your insight, I am 47 years old and looking at a career change. I have done traveling in my various other employments and enjoyed the road. The information you gave on the schooling and industry in general has cemented my reasoning to pursue this full throttle.

The biggest problem with trucking and there are many is that it is a job that exacts much of you but offers precious little in return.

Even Other Truckers Can’t Find Truckers To Hire -

But what I have to remember before I tell someone that is that more than anything else, trucking is one of those types of jobs that one has to be a certain caliber of person to be able to deal with, and some people are that caliber of person and some people are not. Best of fortune to you all whatever you decide to do!! Please talk about the whole leasing owner operator problem. Especially now. I just ran some numbers and would have to run miles a week to make a decent wage. Have a good day.

Thanks for the desperate comments too. I have experienced 2 different companies that fit the Mill attitude. Yet I run all the numbers, including the cost of medical coverage, and have always come back to my senses. You may bring up the freedom, anytime you lease on you are at the mercy of a company that may or may not always play fair. Fair dealings can come and go with changes in the economy. Now with ownership comes huge responsibilities, like maintenancs, keeping your ride clean etc. With most companies this is out of your pocket totally.

Not to mention most of your free time goes to the truck. I on the other hand drop my truck at the terminal, they fix it while I am home relaxing. Plus every 5years I get a new one. Think it over clearly, and not with grand visions of being a super trucker. After all when it is all said and done trucking is a job to provide for you and your family. Best damn job there is, but make the most of it. Good luck and God bless whatever you choose. I am also 23 years old and thinking of driving.

My dad is a driver and almost has a truck paid off.

More Trucking Deaths May Be Caused by Drivers Racing the Clock

Truckers can make really good money if they own their own truck. I am not so focused on school right now and I decided I am going to leave this year in Sep to go driving. Its up to you.. If you think it is a good idea then it probably is. Truckin has its ups and down but in the end it will def be worth it for me. I am 20 years old and I am thanking of going into trucking.

I live in Ohio and i was wondering, what are some good schools to go to in southern Ohio?

Because I have been looking for several weeks now and I have found a few, but just not sure if there any good or not. Also how old do you have to be to get your A CDL? I have read 21 years old, but most companies want you to be at least 22 years old, so which is it?

It differs from state to state. I have seen 18 yr. Now some companies want you to be 21 all the way up too Check with the state of Ohio. My boyfriend has recently got me considering becoming a truck driver and I want to get some opinions from some true experienced drivers. When I was 18 I was young and dumb and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was arrested but not convicted of a drug charge.

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Even though it is my legal background, it does not whatsoever reflect the person I am now. In your opinion, what will the job market be like for me if I decide to go forward with the trucking industry and get my CDL? Any of your advice is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Thank you. I am 21 and was in juve from 12 to 18 and I am still considered hireable by almost all major companies and the only reason that is is because I have to wait at least a year to be considered by all of them. And my offenses were way worse than drugs. To cut right to the chase of it and answer the question I will say it may be frustrating at first getting hired since your drug charge is fairly current.

Talk with the school about it first. The one thing I advise you is being tough skinned. If your considered at all to being pretty I want you to be aware that if your harassed in any way then your covered to protect yourself and get with another trainer or truck. If the company does nothing with your complaint then file a complaint or go to another company.

CRST hires people with certain charges on record. Good Luck. I was in a similar situation as far as my background. Yes they will hire you. They go back 3 years on your driving record and 3 months on your hair falical test for drugs. They are the biggest crooks in the world! I am 24 years old and will be starting my training on the 27th. For a driver who has just started what is the average weekly pay?

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The average time you are allowed is one day of hometime per week on the road. Go team with someone once off the trainer truck for the first year because the other driver will really help you when you get yourself in a situation.

It also helps when your in a blinding snow storm and your feeling alittle scared. I am recently released from prison and therefore have no license that is valid for the previous 3 years. I just graduated from a trucking school and obtained my CDL. Can anyone direct me to a company that will not disqualify me for both the felony and not having a valid license for the 3 year period. Willing to accept any driving position requiring CDL. Would appreciate all positive advice. You should of made contact with some companies first, to see if they will hire you base on your situation and if they will then apply to a school.

But since you already have your license just see what happens. Companies are getting tight with our records. I only read the first paragraph of this before I said I have to comment immediately.

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Plus I am busy so I had just a sec to spend. Companies take a risk by allowing you to drive with no experience and they also pay ins hikes for young inexperienced drivers to be on.