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Seems to be running off a modified version of the Assault Horizon engine. You have supplied fuel and stocked fuel. Stocked fuel is what you buy, are awarded through completing challenges, and dropped at the end of missions sometimes. Supplied fuel is limited to 3 units which recharges at the end of a 3 hour cooldown I think.

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So far I haven't had an issue with "purchasing" fuel. I have gotten enough through the challenges to not have to worry about it. I really think they have to put this on the PS4 eventually if they want to keep this thing going. It was a bit of a mistake to launch this at the end of a console cycle, if they want to do anything meaningful with it in the future. They are saying that how well this does will impact the next major Ace Combat series, so I'm getting the feeling that this is just a practice run to flesh out features, kinda feels like a Gran Turismo 4 Prologue in a sense.

I'm having fun with it so far, bout would like to see at least double the number of levels for both campaign and co-op. Its way damn short 7 campaign with an 8th coming, and only 5 co-op with 2 "secret" sorties. I do really like how the co-op missions start with an overall goal, then an "emergency mission" kicks in about halfway through. These emergency missions seem to be about 4 different scenarios that you have to complete within a time limit like taking down a Scinfaxi submarine, to an elite flight of enemy aces.

So far, there is no deathmatch type gameplay. Two rival flights made up of the people who join the game compete to get the highest score in a mission. At least so far it seems better than Tekken Revolution and it's definitely better than SoulCalibur.

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It has an unlimited-campaign option? Awesome, I'll probably just buy that. I'm really just interested in the single player. Still though, I do like the storyline so far. Its a neat melding of the worlds of and Assault Horizon. Then I did a search and found out about Lost Souls I really like the gameplay, but the microtransaction stuff is terrible. They have the energy stuff limited free fuel, you can hold 3 units at most, and you use one for every mission you play, and they're resupplied every 4 hours , multiple in-game currencies, one which is used to "research" the tech tree, and the other is used to purchase the researched parts, and they sell 12 hour doublers for both of course, only the research currency is distributed randomly, and that whole system is kinda incomprehensible.

At least there's a very small random chance of getting stocked fuel the paid energy thing you can have as many as you want of at the end of every mission, and there's a challenge system where you can get that too, but it gets increasingly hard the longer you play. I did buy the unlimited campaign credit, but I won't pay for the other stuff unless they do more bundles with other games they have bundles for Assault Horizon and Joint Assault where you get 5 stocked fuel units, which of course will at most last 5 missions. I really enjoyed the beta but everything was unlimited from what I could tell but I didn't even know it was out this week.

Here are the paid options:. The other add-ons are just what's in the elite pack singled out. The whole fuel thing seems pretty gross though.

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I had a blast playing online during the beta those missions could be completed in around 5 minutes and that's with low level planes and equipment. Character statues, play sets, and power tokens. This is the most important thing I can stress to those buying Infinity to play together with someone, or for kids to share: to play together anywhere but the Toy Box, you will need two characters of that universe.

So despite owning four character statues, my wife and I could only play as Mr. Incredible in their universe. To get the full experience, I would suggest picking up the Sidekicks Pack Mrs. Incredible, Mike, Capt. The second type of extra merchandise that works with Infinity are known as play sets. There are only two out right now: Cars and The Lone Ranger.

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These have stories like the main game and can only support the characters from that universe. You can spot the play sets as they come with two characters and an adventure figure. Finally, there are blind pack power tokens. Disney loves their blind packs if Vinylmations and pins are any indication.

[290117] INFINITE - The Eye (Cover Dance) INFINITY from Bandung, Indonesia

Power tokens are used to unlock toys or power up your characters. There are 20 in the first wave, and come two in a pack. The power tokens are going to be my monetary black hole, I can feel it. Update : some platforms have certain limitations, so read all the details before purchasing if you have multiple game units at home.

There you have it, all the information you need to get started playing with Disney Infinity. Overall I think it is worthwhile, but I wish there were more sets that reflect my era of Disney since everything is geared towards Pixar or modern day Disney. I think I will get a lot of use out of the Toy Box, but I can see that there is a major time commitment to get out of it exactly what I want. Jeff is a regular contributor to Save Game , so feel free to read more of his rambling there. Author John Frost Website. Lobby Refurb too?

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