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They do get upset and they react by wanting to come back full price, or reject the offer all together and they have bad feelings towards you as a buyer. A price that makes them think about accepting the offer rather than countering it. That way you get a fair price and a great interest rate, which is what you want, right? I understand saving money is important. Let me ask you how long do you think you will live in the home? Do we really want to upset the seller since we might not be living there for more than 5 years? One that you feel like you received a great payment and the seller feels like they received a great price.

Let me ask you this, are you going to try to buy just any house for your family or the best one?

Fair enough? With everything that is happening in the economy, we are afraid we might lose our jobs and not be able to make payments on a home. So what it looks like you want is to make certain you can make the payments. Is that correct? So regardless of where you live you are going to have to pay something for your living expenses, right? When I look back on the many changes in the market, there are always buyers that buy in every market, and there are always sellers that chose to sell. AGENT: Now all we have to do is decide today whether you want to take advantage of the lower interest rates and better housing prices or if you want to throw your money away on rent.

What is it going to be? Sounds like you want to save as much money as possible, right?

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So since you are concerned about saving money we should make an offer today while the interest rates are at a low [Insert current rate]. The question is, is the absolute best home that you chose to raise your family in more important or is the absolute best interest rate more important? No one knows what will happen in a minute, an hour, a day, or years from now. All we know is what is happening right now, this minute. And right now home prices are the best they have been in a long time and interest rates have been steadily increasing.

Let me ask you, are you interested in finding a great home for your family and saving money? If the economy picks up what generally happens to interest rates? What do you think would have to happen for you to save money? Agent: Terrific! And when do you feel you would lose money? Other than the Great Depression no recession has ever lasted more than 16 months and, historically, nationwide average home prices have always gone up. So let me ask you, are you willing to have someone else living in this house tomorrow knowing you could own it today?

Agent: Well whether you buy this home or not, you will still have to pay money to live somewhere, correct? Agent: I agree. Now let me ask you what has been happening to interest rates over the past few months, have they gone up or down? Agent: Right. Do you think that we should hold off on buying in hopes that prices will drop before the mortgage rates go up?

Or should we make an offer based on the reality of today?

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Situation: The Buyers sees the market shift and believes that he has all the time in the world to look and buy. Let me ask you how many homes are in great shape and would be a home your family would love and enjoy? Agent: You know, as a buyer specialist I look at homes every day and there are many homes that look great on the outside and need a lot of work on the inside.

Are you willing to pay thousands of dollars to fix up a home?

Agent: Even through there are many homes on the market the good ones always sell. Everyone is looking for the best home for the best value. So regardless of the number of homes the best ones still sell quickly. There are two numbers that are important here.

One is the amount of money that you feel you can spend on a house, the other is what the bank feels you can spend. However, if those two numbers are a little out of sync, you may run into a problem. So, when is the best time for my lender to give you a call to make sure that those two numbers are in alignment — weekdays, weekends, or in the next 15 minutes?

Buyer, I understand you are anxious to find a home. Tell me, has your company stipulated that you must look on the weekends only? I ask this because most people prefer to show their homes and negotiate during the week. Since you have a short time scheduled, I would suggest a weekday rather than a weekend, so we have more homes to view. Would seeing more of the homes available be of benefit to you?

I would be incompetent if I showed you that many homes. My job is to provide you with enough information so that you can make an intelligent and informed decision. What if you lose this home? Agent: Boy, that sounds great up front. Let me tell you what concerns me about that. Look at all the number of homes on the market and look at the number of homes that have sold.


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Quite a difference, huh? Agent: So if your home is offering less money to agents who show your home and another home that is close in square footage and floor plan to yours is offering the agent more money, which one are they going to show? No different than you going to work and being presented with two jobs that are identical, take the same amount of time and effort, and yet one pays more than the other.

You would take the one with the most pay just like the Realtors. The choice is yours. Agent: The sale of your property is simply too important for me to do that. I choose not to fall into the category of just another salesperson telling you what you want to hear. Agent: You could do that. Out of curiosity has there ever been a time when you saw a home on the market for a long time? Agent: Great.

So that automatically tells us we need to price it right after all. Simply sign the contract and put me to work for you, OK? Agent: Here is the number of all the properties for sale and here is the number of all the properties sold. So you can see the sold number is much smaller than the for sale number.

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Agent: Luckily you are becoming aware that only the homes that are priced right make it on to the sold list. Does that make sense? Frankly you need a realtor that understands the market and can interpret it. Like me. Today there are [Insert Date] times the number of houses on the market than there were just a year ago and as you can see sales are down approximately [Insert data] percent.

From a marketing stand point this theory is called supply and demand. Therefore when the supply goes up and the demand goes down what has to happen to pricing? Does it go up or down? Agent: I completely respect your belief in the value of your home. Does the stock market care that you are going to lose money? Agent: Well the real estate market is just like the stock market.