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Leaders of the opposition, which scored surprisingly big gains in the National Assembly elections on May 14, have said that limiting the President's law-making powers will be at the top of the list of changes they will seek when the new assembly convenes in July.

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Opposition politicians contend that Mr. Marcos's emergency law-making authority should terminate when the old assembly retires on June If he continues to issue decrees afterward, the opposition leaders say they will challenge the constitutionality of these powers before the Supreme Court. At a news conference with foreign reporters at the presidential palace, Mr. Marcos also said publicly for the first time that he was disappointed with the outcome of the assembly election and conceded the opposition had emerged with ''impressive gains.

Marcos predicted that when official vote-counting is completed in several days, the opposition will win 55 of the contested seats. About five seats will be held by independent candidates, while his ruling party will hold the rest, he said.

In the previous assembly election, Mr. Marcos's opponents won only 13 seats. So far candidates have been officially declared winners, with the ruling party getting 89 seats and Mr. Marcos's opponents taking 54 seats, a significant minority. Marcos admitted that the unexplained assassination last August of the opposition leader Benigno S.

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Aquino Jr. Without such consultation this is just another piece of legislation that has made a mockery of the rights of Afro-descendants. Such a law is essential, as Afro-Colombians have been disproportionably victimized and dispossessed by the violence. Their communities have repeatedly endured forced internal displacement, dozens of massacres, targeted assassination of their leaders, rape of their women and children, and the stigmatization that comes with all these atrocities.

However, the Colombian government failed to implement a legitimate process of participation and free, prior, and informed consultation with these groups over the law—a right granted to Afro-descendents both in the Colombian Constitution and in international treaties. Without such consultation with the victims, Law is just another piece of legislation that has made a mockery of the rights of Afro-descendants.

The prior, free and informed consultation and consent is a right granted to indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples under the principle that communities must be consulted and have the right to give or withhold their consent to projects, actions, programs, legislations, and initiatives intended to be implemented on their territories.

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Under this right, communities must participate in decision-making processes and legitimate negotiations before any decision is made. The government is obligated to provide adequate, accurate, and timely information. To respect their right to participate and decide should be the first gesture of good faith and political will of the government. This issue caused disagreements within government entities and sparked outcry from Afro-descendant grassroots organizations.

As it stands, the Afro-descendant victims may never see true justice.

The U. As has happened with all U. Sadly, it was a chore just to have Afro-descendent victims recognized by law.

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However, the government inexplicably excluded Afro-descendants and indigenous peoples from the law. In an attempt to rectify the unconstitutional act of ignoring these communities, congress gave Santos the special power to enact the December Law Decree after an effective process of free, prior, and informed consultation with Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenque communities—a process that the government never carried out. The Pelosi-Trump standoff over a full House vote on an impeachment probe, explained. Ukrainian president says 'no blackmail' in infamous July phone call with Trump.

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